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love before Cirkels.

Get the tastiest, freshest stroopwafels this side of the Atlantic.


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What People Are Saying

The only ones better are the ones made fresh in the Netherlands.

Phyllis H.

Your product is amazing!! I’ve represented a few other stroopwafel brands and these are the best.

Doug W.

These are the best I've ever had! What I like about yours is I can taste the butter.

M C H.

Cirkels are the perfect balance and remind me of the fresh stroopwafels we’d get on the streets of Amsterdam.

Jared H.

Just finishing off the work day with some Cirkels. They're not just a mood booster, they're life-changing.

Robin C.

Utah's Own

You perfected a recipe that I didn't know needed perfecting.

Emily H.

Wow! They taste just like they do in Europe and has that perfect mix of sweet and chewy. They are delicious!

Camilla K.