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These are the best I've ever had!

Just got my order. Thank you, and more importantly, thank you for making such amazing stroopwafels! These are the best I've ever had!I have tried some around in different states, ordered off Amazon (including imports), and recently heard about you guys.

What I like about yours is I can taste the butter and they have the right amount of sweetness. I also don't taste (or have the aftertaste) of additives or preservatives — these taste fresh!

M C Hebertson

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CIRKELS are the perfect balance...

I used to get stroopwafels all the time in the Netherlands, and everything I’ve had in the States is too crumbly or sweet. CIRKELS are the perfect balance and remind me of the fresh stroopwafels we’d get on the streets of Amsterdam.

Jared H.

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They're life-changing

Just finishing off the work day with some salted caramel Dutch cookies from Cirkels Specialty Stroopwafels. They're not just a mood booster, they're life-changing.

Robin C., Utah's Own

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You perfected a recipe that I didn't know needed perfecting.

Emily H.

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They taste just like they do in Europe...

I've had plenty of stroopwafels in Europe and I've tried a few here but wasn't impressed until I tried the CIRKELS. Wow! They taste just like they do in Europe and has that perfect mix of sweet and chewy. They are delicious!

Camilla K.

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Cirkels Stroopwafels are the best I’ve tried...

Until a few weeks ago I had given up my quest for stroopwafels… when I stumbled across CIRKELS. Cirkels Stroopwafels are the best I’ve tried… and I’ve tried many different waffles. They are soft and chewy and delicious! Now my affinity for stroopwafels has returned.

Jason P.

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These are the absolute BEST stroopwafels

I received my order today, and want to thank you so much. You were so kind and generous to include a free box. I can’t begin to tell you how delicious they are … so fresh and you haven’t received my last order yet. Probably never will. I will be placing another order … want to share them with family August birthdays.

These are the absolute BEST stroopwafels. I had never heard of stroopwafels until my son-in-law, who is in the military in Afghanistan, requested them for his birthday in July. I had no idea where to find them, so I searched online, where to buy stroopwafels in Salt Lake, and I discovered your website.

Thank you again. I will be returning often.

Sheryl Jones

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If you’re a stroopwafel purist, CIRKELS are for you

John F.

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As good as any European stroopwafel I've ever eaten

Hi Christina, things arrived perfectly!…and they are as good as any European stroopwafel I’ve ever eaten. Perfect texture, degree of sweetness and goo, your packaging works well and your attention to detail with the thank you is a very very nice touch. Thank you again, and I’ll certainly be trying some more.

Doug W.

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stroopwafels 101

n. “syrup waffle” in Dutch

Pronounced STROPE-VAH-fuhl, a baker in 18th century Holland was tired of wasting scraps, so he got resourceful: he mixed those scraps together into a delicious waffle cookie, then added caramel to bind the two sides of the cookie. Voila! He had created the world’s first syrup waffle (stroopwafel), and we are eternally grateful.

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