n. “syrup waffle” in Dutch

Pronounced STROPE-VAH-fuhl, a baker in 18th century Holland was tired of wasting scraps, so he got resourceful: he mixed those scraps together into a delicious waffle cookie, then added caramel to bind the two sides of the cookie. Voila! He had created the world’s first syrup waffle (stroopwafel), and we are eternally grateful.

Whether you want to keep it traditional, take your stroopwafel on the go, or fuel up during an active day, here are some of our suggestions for bringing the stroopwafel to the 21st century!


Offset a stroopwafel over your favorite cuppa (coffee, tea, matcha or hot cocoa do the trick) for about 30-60 second. Let the steam soften the caramel, then nibble, dunk, or stuff the stroopwafel until gone. Repeat as necessary.

For Busy People

Americans are people on the go. For those busy mornings or shuttling between work, gym, and practice, throw a pack of stroopwafels in your car for energy on the go. Fewer Calories + Less Mess = Perfect Solution!

For Active People

Feel as great DURING that 50 mile bike ride as you did thinking about it on the couch. Slip some stroopwafels in your gear, and reach for one when you need that boost of energy.

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