Photo of Heather Frodsham and Christina Richards, Founders/Owners of Cirkels

Heather Frodsham & Christina Richards, Founders
Favorite ways to eat Cirkels: as S’mores or with lemon curd and mint!

We didn’t realize it at the time, but that first stroopwafel we tasted on the streets of Europe in 2003 changed the course of our lives. Cirkels (pronounced SUR-kulz) is the result of our years-long attempt to recreate the delicious street food.

Unable to get the craving out of our minds and ingesting countless stale imports, our decade-long obsession eventually made us realize that, to get the fresh and simple version we wanted, we’d need to make it ourselves. We spent over a year making and taste-testing batch after batch after batch to finally get the simplest, best recipe we’d EVER tasted.

Eet Smakelijk!
Heather & Christina
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stroopwafels 101

n. “syrup waffle” in Dutch

Pronounced STROPE-VAH-fuhl, a baker in 18th century Holland was tired of wasting scraps, so he got resourceful: he mixed those scraps together into a delicious waffle cookie, then added caramel to bind the two sides of the cookie. Voila! He had created the world’s first syrup waffle (stroopwafel), and we are eternally grateful.

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